Q. How does this work?

A. Steadfast provides an easy way for healthcare professionals and those in ancillary businesses to offer permanent placement opportunities to peers and contacts while earning sizable referral fees in the process. 

Q. How do I earn money for referring others to Steadfast Executive Search?
A. Your referral sends us their information or you enter their information on our candidate referral page. Once your referral meets all eligibility requirements, you will receive your referral fee of $1,250 - $10,000.

Q. How is my referral fee amount determined?
A. Referral fees are based upon the placement fee that Steadfast Executive Search has previously negotiated with its clients and affiliates for a given position. Referral fees typically represent approximately 33% of the contracted placement fee due to Steadfast Executive Search.

Q. Will Steadfast Executive Search contact my referral directly?
A. Yes. Once you enter your referrals information on the referral portal page or your referral gives us their information using the link you’ve provided for them, your personal account manager will contact them directly to discuss our services and complete a preliminary screening prior to submitting the candidate to our client for consideration.

Q. Is there a referral link I can send to interested candidates?
A. Yes. After registering as a Referral Partner, you will receive an email with important information concerning your new role as a Referral Partner with Steadfast. Among the information provided  will be your Personal Referral Link that you were given when you registered as a new user, will appear in (1) the referral email that is sent to each person you refer and (2) in the information that is sent to your friend when you share the referral offer through Social Media. The link is also available to be copied from the Share and Earn page.

Q. Where do I go to submit new referrals?
A. Please visit the “Refer a Candidate” page on our site

Q. Who can I contact if I have a question about my referral fees?
A. Please reach out to your personal account manager for any questions you may have. Not sure who that is? Please check the email sent to you confirming you r successful registration to find the name and contact information of your personal account manager. You may also call us during business hours (8a-5p PST) at (888) 922-2314 or contact support at support@steadfastsearch.com 

Q. Do I have to fill out any other information in order to receive my referral fees?
A. In order for us to pay out your referral fees, you’ll need to provide a completed W-9 tax form. When your referred candidate has been hired by one of our clients, you will receive a notification of the pending referral fee along with a link to the W-9 form for completion. PLEASE NOTE: Steadfast WILL NOT RELEASE REFERRAL FEE FUNDS WITHOUT A COMPLETED W-9 FORM.

Q. What is the process to become a Steadfast Search Referral Partner?
A. Our referral program is open to everyone. However, all parties interested in participating in our Gentry Level Referral Partners Program are screened and approved by a member of our on-boarding team to ensure that there is a high enough volume of jobs and incoming leads in their specialty to justify inclusion in our program.

Q.  How responsive are Steadfast’s clients?
A. Just like in the offline world, some employers are very responsive and others are not. To address this important issue, you will be provided with a brief outline of position details, including a 1-10 ranking of the clients overall responsiveness to date. We also encourage you to reach out to your personal account manager for insights related to any client positions you’ve submitted referrals to. They are at the front lines of all submission and client activity and will often be your best source of relevant, real-time, information concerning any client facility you’ve submitted a referral to.

Q. Who can see my candidates when I upload them?
A. Candidates are kept confidential. Only your personal account manager and the client to which you are submitting will have access to your candidates information. Privacy and security are of paramount concern and we encourage all referral partners to read our Privacy Policy for further assurance of this. 

Q. How will I know what’s going on with my referred candidate?
A. Once we’ve determined that your referral is suitable for the position to which they have been submitted, your personal account manager will begin providing regular updates as to the status of your submission. You may reach out to your personal account manager directly by phone or email whenever you’d like. 

Q. Can I post my own jobs?
A. Not at this time. However, we have plans add this feature by 2020.

Q. Does Steadfast Search help me find candidates for my travel and per diem needs?
A. Yes. This benefit is available to our “Gentry” Referral Partners.  In addition to providing access to over $500,000 in referral fees each week to ALL of our referral partners, our “Gentry” Referral Partners also receive unlimited access to our ever-growing database of healthcare providers in search of travel & registry positions.

Q. What’s the best information to provide when referring a candidate?
A. The more information you’re able to provide, the better. This will expedite the consideration process and help you get to your referral fee just that much faster.

Q. How does the employment guarantee work?
A. Placements made with our clients are all backed by a 90-day full money back guarantee.
Therefore, if a candidate does not work out during this period, Steadfast will not accept payment for the placement. If funds have been received from client prior the guarantee expiration period and the candidate doesn’t make it past 90 days, Steadfast will refund all placement fees to the client and no referral fees will be paid.

Q. I don’t see the name of the client or position details on the job list. Where can I find these details?
A. Once we’ve received your candidate referral, you will receive a full synopsis of the client and complete details for the position(s) you’d like your referral considered for.

Q. What happens if the client is late in paying?
A. Steadfast cannot convert release referral fees until both the 90 day period has elapsed and the employer has made payment. We will make every effort to collect from delinquent employers. With the quality of clients that we’ve amassed over the years, this has not been an issue.

Q. How does Steadfast Search resolve disputes?
A. Our technology provides real-time visibility into all referral activity conducted by our partners. In the rare case that a dispute arises (candidate submitted by multiple referrers, etc. ), we will take the situation off your shoulders and act as a neutral mediator to work out a settlement between parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, either party can enforce the Terms of Use to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Q. Who owns submitted candidates?
A. Referral Partners own the candidates they submit for a period of 2 years from the date of submission.

Q. What if another referral partner submits my candidate for the same job?
A. Our system blocks duplicate submissions. However, in the event that a duplicate submission is received, the agency that first submitted the candidate, as determined by the time and date stamp on the submissions, will be considered the referring party.

Q. What if the employer already has a candidate that I submit?
A. Your account manager will do their best to find out where and by whom your referral may have already been submitted. However, there are a multitude of search firms in the healthcare industry and from time to time, a referred candidate may have already been submitted by another firm. If this is the case, you will be alerted to this fact and encouraged to consider submitting this referral elsewhere as no fee/referral fee will be obtainable from this client in this circumstance. 

Q. How do I submit a referral?
A. Referrals can be submitted two ways: You can use the online referral form, or new travelers can identify you as their referrer when applying.

Q. How do I qualify to earn referral fees?
A. Referrers must register for the referral program within 30 days of the candidate applying with Steadfast Executive Search. Once registered, you will be recognized as a Steadfast Executive Search Referral Partner. You will be permitted to submit as many candidates as you’d like, as often as you’d like. Upon successful referral submission, your personal account manager will review the information sent and let you know if your candidate is a match for any of our open positions. They will then contact your referred candidate and speak with them about the position(s) they’d like to be considered for. You will receive a referral fee for each candidate you refer who is successfully placed in a full time position by Steadfast Executive Search. Due to our standard 90 day money back guarantee, referred candidates must complete a full 91 calendar days of employment in order for us to collect payment from our clients. Therefore, all referral fee payments are paid promptly thereafter (within 1-15 business days).

Q. What if Steadfast is already working with my referral? Can I still receive a referral fee?
A. Possibly. To be eligible for the referral bonus, the referred candidate must be a new contact for AMN Steadfast or,  if already in our candidate database, we haven’t been in contract with them in the last 90 days.

Q. Can I receive multiple referral fee’s for the same candidate?
A. Yes. If your referral takes a position through us and later accepts another position through Steadfast, you are eligible to be compensated on both occasions as long as we have received a referral submission, identifying you as the referring party, prior to submitting the candidate to the position subsequently hired for.
Q. Will tax be taken out of my referral fee?
A. No. Referral fees are paid in full and without deductions of any kind. Any and all federal, state and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the person receiving the funds, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Referral partners receiving a referral fee will be required to provide his/her social security number for tax reporting purposes. The value of the bonus will be reported on the applicable IRS form (1099).

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